Project Overview

Orange County has initiated a Roadway Conceptual Analysis (RCA) Study for the planned improvement (four-lane widening) of Avalon Road from Florida's Turnpike to Colonial Drive (SR 50), a distance of approximately 0.43 miles.

In 2007, Orange County entered an Interlocal Agreement with the City of Winter Garden. This agreement specified certain conditions and phasing for improvements to Avalon Road. The agreement indicated that Orange County is responsible for the planning, design, construction, permitting, and right of way acquisition for widening Avalon Road. The Avalon Road RCA Study will identify roadway, drainage, and other improvements needed to address future traffic demands in rapidly growing west Orange County.

Avalon project location map

The purpose of this Study is to evaluate the addition of lanes to the existing two-lane section of Avalon Road within the project limits. By the end of the Study, a final preferred alternative will be presented that incorporates public input with technical evaluation assessing the net benefits of the improvements. The Study began in October 2017 and is anticipated to be finished in May 2019.

The Interlocal Agreement indicated a preliminary typical section to be studied as part of the Avalon Road RCA would include a four-lane divided urban roadway with sidewalks and a multi-purpose path, subject to confirmation by RCA engineering and traffic studies.

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